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Just some of the groups using Velo... We can't fit them all.

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User Dashboard

The place where your customers can come update their information and manage their membership. Customers can also access other Velo features here.

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Frequently Asked Questions


But what about my current dashboard provider?

Velo is ready for you, export from any current popular authentication provider and import directly to Velo in a minute (maybe two).


Does Velo have an API?

Yes, Velo offers an authenticated REST API that you can use for any services your want to provide your customers. Our API allows you to Retrieve, update, and create customers.


What payment processors do you support?

Currently we support Stripe. Any group using Stripe is compatible with Velo.


Is Velo the best?

Velo gives you the chance to remove ANY expenses you currently have and replace it with a much better and reliable centeralized solution. We offer so much we can't even fit it all on the site.

Have any questions at all?

DM us we may bite, but its worth it.

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